"Daniel Nevins has an instantly identifiable style. It’s the melding of meditation and color, ancient and modern, magical and mathematical that makes Nevins’ dreamy canvases so desirable. Fans of (his) work are in for a surprise: The artist’s latest endeavor is a departure from form. Yes, the earthy-ethereal palate is still present, as are Nevins’ geometrically precise flowers and tendrils. But what’s conspicuously absent are the figures. Instead of human forms and story lines, the paintings reveal organic forms, amorphous abstractions and tangled grips of color on the brink of either evolution or decay." - Mountain Xpress

"For more than 10 years Daniel Nevins’ imaginary narrative paintings were a favorite amongst collectors…Then (he) began painting large works of voluptuous shape, color and movement. Nevins’ paintings blur the line between abstraction and representation. Swirling masses and striations look like ribbon candy in one, or bodily organs in another." - Bold Life

"Nevins appears to arise from a time when there was no necessary division between the intellectual and the spiritual, when one, like poet John Donne, could reason with the soul and love with the mind." - Asheville Citizen-Times

"I hesitate to call the paintings abstract - they feel more like representational work - visual descriptions of a multi-dimensional emotional landscape that vibrates with melancholia, sensuality, celebration, anger, hope, confusion, fear and relief all at once." - Art Seen Asheville


Praise for With A Mighty Hand: The Story In The Torah (Candlewick Press)

"It’s a beautiful book to look at; Daniel Nevins’ paintings are lively and provocative. I’ve never seen a more arresting manifestation of Jacob’s all-night wrestling match; I looked at the rainbow illustration of the burning bush for a full minute before turning the page. And I was interested to see that Nevins portrays the people of the Torah with dark skin and full lips, more likely to be historically accurate than the usual European renderings." - New York Times Book Review

"Nevins’ paintings may also change the way people think about the text...The pictures seem to be painted with more colors than exist in nature. They glow." - Kirkus Review (A Best Book of 2003) 

"Daniel Nevins, the artist chosen to illustrate the book, has done glorious work. His paintings have a depth and solidity in both his figures and in his color palette that echo well the seriousness of the text. There is poignancy, too. Nevins’ illustration of Moses, post Golden Calf, is heart-breaking. He was a marvelous choice to bring these stories to visual life. - Musings, Maps, Seasons, Asanas

"Nevins’ illustrations, rendered via oil on wood, are sumptuous and arresting, poetic in the depth of emotion which they convey. (His) world is dramatic, rippling with movement and slightly surreal." - Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

"The dramatic nature of the stories demands impressive artwork, and Nevins provides it." - Booklist (starred review)